• Art


    Art I

    The elements and principles of design are explored as a form of communication and expression. Students will apply design ideas while creating original artwork. The emphasis will be on line, form, space, shape, texture, and color, their variations and how they relate. Students will also learn to think about the visual arts from a combined personal, historic and cultural point of view. This course is a prerequisite for all other art classes.

    Art II 

    Art II explores a variety of basic techniques and materials with emphasis on individual expression. Students will explore historic and contemporary models of drawing and painting. By creating original artwork they will build upon the design ideas introduced in Art I.

    Art III

    Art III offers students the opportunity to build on techniques learned in introductory art classes. A variety of media will be used to explore advanced techniques and develop individual portfolios. This class is recommended for students who are serious about pursuing a career in art after high school as well as students who enjoy drawing and wish to develop their techniques and ideas. Class may be repeated for credit.

    AP Art Studio

    Students recommended for AP Art Studio will enroll in Art Studio fall and spring semesters. Students will work toward a drawing portfolio or a general art portfolio. Students will develop quality art pieces that demonstrate an area of concentration and breadth of art knowledge. Class may be repeated for credit.