Acting I/II/III, Performance Seminar, Musical Theatre Workshop & AP Music Theory

  • Theatre

    Teacher: Bob McGranahan

    Acting I

    This is the gateway class for all other classes offered in the Drama Department. It is a great way to interact with a wide range of students. Acting I introduces the student to basic acting through character analysis, script analysis and improvisation. We also explore theatre history and what it means to a modern day actor. This course is recommended for all students.

    Acting II

    Acting II explores the art of the actor through scene study. Students will work on two person scenes, monologues, and scenes created through the use of theatre games and improvisation. This is a great class for honing performance.

    Acting III

    This course is designed to introduce the art of the Director to advanced drama students. Students will read and analyze a script in a group setting and then direct fellow students in two-person scenes. This class will also explore audition techniques for college programs and professional work in the field of acting and introduce the skill of stage combat. Class may be repeated for credit. 

    Performance Seminar

    This course is designed to focus the students’ acting skills through in-depth study of a single script. In past years this class has used Shakespeare and the ancient Greeks as source material. This class has also used contemporary plays as well. The student will participate in casting, rehearsing, building and acting in a workshop performance of major play. Teamwork is the soul of the class. This class may be taken for a full year, students should forecast for two semesters of the course.

    Musical Theater Workshop

    A class devised for students whose interest in the theatrical arts tends to be towards that truly American contribution to the world theater: The Musical. This class will study musical theater by creating, casting, and performing a Broadway Review. The focus of this class is on singing and dancing and working together in a large group.  This class may be taken for a full year, students should forecast for two semesters of the course. 

    AP Music Theory

    AP Music Theory is a college-level course that explores the fundamental structure and function of music. Through aural and written analysis, students will learn advanced musical skills such as harmonic analysis, composition, melodic and harmonic dictation and sight-singing. Topics covered include key signatures, triads, intervals, rhythms, melodic structure, harmonic chord progression, texture, form, ear training, written analysis and some music history and style. The AP Music Theory course requires prior music experience and additional summer work. The AP Music Theory exam will be offered in May.