• Mathematics provides a foundation for the learning of science and technology as well as for the interpretation of quantitative information in other subjects.  The following is the sequence of Mathematics courses at LOHS:

    Geometry or Integrated Alg/Geometry
    Advanced Algebra A or Advanced Algebra
    Pre-Calculus or Discrete Math
    AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics
    AP Calculus BC
    Calculus 3
    Note: Course offerings are subject to change. 


    • A graphing calculator ((TI-83 Series, TI-84 Series, TI-89 and TI-Nspire) is required for Advanced Algebra and beyond. It is also recommended for Algebra and Geometry. 
    • Discrete Math can be taken any time after Advanced Algebra and can be taken concurrently with either Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus AB/BC.
    • AP Statistics and AP Calculus can be taken concurrently if Senior.
    • Math Connections is an elective credit class that supports students in their regular math class.
    • Placement recommendations are made by the student’s current math teacher for the following year.