• English Department  

    English at Lake Oswego High School is a four-year, primarily college preparatory program which includes both content (literature and language) and performance skills (reading, listening, thinking, writing, and speaking).

    The English Department strives:

    • to provide expert instruction in a literature-based program that integrates the study of vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and principles of composition; and
    • to create a positive learning environment giving all students opportunities to develop their abilities to read critically and perceptively, to listen with understanding and openness, to think critically and creatively, to write with clarity and confidence, and to communicate precisely and effectively.

    Appropriate adaptations to the regular program are made for students who are on IEPs, who qualify for 504 plans, or who need additional help in English.

    Honors classes are offered at each level for students who have an extensive interest in English and who meet established English Department criteria. The junior and senior level courses also comprise AP Language and Literature respectively.

    Elective classes provide additional opportunities for students with specialized interests or needs.


    Advanced Communication Skills, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12


    English 9 Honors 


    Incoming freshmen can apply for English 9 Honors, and students who are new to LOHS can apply for English 10 Honors,  through a process that includes writing a letter and an on-demand writing sample. Students who demonstrate a genuine interest in literature and who write with notable proficiency, clarity, and fluency are encouraged to apply. Students whose applications demonstrate they meet the criteria outlined in the application packet will be placed in the class. If the committee suggests placement to be English 9, the student is given one additional option. After weighing the committee’s feedback, students and their parents may decide to enroll in English 9 Honors or English 10 Honors. Application packets, including a listing of behaviors characteristic of a successful English 9 Honors or English 10 Honors student and an explanation of the selection process, are available in the Counseling Office and in the English Department.


    ELD Literature and Composition* English Connections, English Language Development*


    Alternative Programming English 12, Argument, Analysis and Presentation, Broadcast Journalism, Creative Writing, Journalism, Literature through Film Studies, Philosophy: Understanding Happiness,

    Poetry, Reading for Enjoyment, Storytelling With Media, Newspaper, Yearbook

    Note: Course offerings are subject to change.  *Placement assigned by ELL Specialist.