Parent FAQs


    Volunteers and Visitors

    When coming in to volunteer or visit your child’s classroom, ALWAYS sign in at the office and follow school protocol. This is to ensure the safety of our school, children and staff.

    Student absences

    When your child is absent or late due to illness, appointments or travel, please email or phone the office to let us know. An answering machine is available after hours to take messages.

    Late arrival/tardies

    When students are late, they must check in at the office. 


    When students leave for an appointment, they must be checked out to leave and checked back in upon return.  Students should be picked up at the office.

    After-school pick-up and changes in after-school plans

    Please have a clear plan for after-school pick-up. If you need to get a message to your child regarding changes in transportation home or after-school plans, please call the office before 2:20 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 1:40 pm on Thursdays. In order to ride home on the bus with a friend or to get off/on at a different stop on their usual bus, students must bring a note signed by a parent and be issued a bus pass from the office.

    Forgotten items

    Please drop off lunches, homework or other forgotten items at the office. Please have the item clearly marked with your student’s name and it will be delivered to your child.

    Health Room

    Keep in mind that we are limited to what care can be provided in the health room. Medications cannot be dispensed to any students unless a parent has brought in medication and filled out the proper paperwork. For wounds, we can only clean them with soap and water and bandage them.

    Clothing identification

    Put your child’s last name on all outerwear and also on PE shoes. There are so many clothes sent to charity because the owner cannot be identified and many times children don’t realize they have lost something, so they don’t think about checking “Lost and Found” themselves.